What is Microblading?

Are you tired of waking up without the right set of eyebrows on your face? Is the practice of penciling in your eyebrows daily taking a toll on you? Or do you feel that you spend way too much on dozens of eyebrow makeup that doesn’t even work? Microblading is all you need to get some perfectly looking strokes that appear most natural whether from a distance or close up. Microblading is the latest trend of filling out brows and reshaping them by depositing thin lines of pigment that resemble separate hair strands.

The microblading process

 Microblading delivers a natural appearance and  is done manually through a hand-held device with many sharp needles at the end that are used to strike the skin and deposit pigment. Microblading is so super-fine that it is also referred to as brow embroidery, 3D eyebrows, microstroking and micropigmentation among other terms.

Another advantage of microblading is that it is semi-permanent and lasts for up to two years, which means that you are not signing a lifetime commitment and that it won’t leave some unnatural shades commonly experienced with the application of permanent cosmetic brow tattoos. However, regular retouch is highly recommended to maintain beautiful and perfectly natural looking hair strokes.

Perfect microblading technique

When you want to have the best eyebrow appearance that will last for the rest of the year and beyond then you need the right microblading technique to be applied on your brows. We have unrivaled understanding to the microblading procedure and its healing process. We will help you rock the best eyebrow appearance.



Microblading, also known as feather, embroidery or 3D mimics the growth of your existing hair (if there is any, that is) and creates bolder and the most natural-looking brows.
You can hardly believe it’s not real hair!Duration  |  120 minCost

$500 – includes one complimentary touch-up session within 2 months 

*$150 – Within 6 months
*$250 – After 6 months
*$400 – After 1 year
*Price is determined by calculating the time since your last paid appointment.

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